Milling capabilities include:

Precision milling with tolerances of +/- .0005

Drilling / Reaming

Deep hole drilling up to 20D

High speed machining

Surface machining

Precision boring with tolerances of +/- .0003

Micro machining with end mill sizes down to .010in and drill sizes

down to .029in.

Precision Benchwork and Assembly


Both our turning and milling departments have extensive experience with materials ranging from “easy cutting“ to “difficult to machine“.  We have learned to foresee challenges associated with each material and how each material needs to be approached.  

Our precision bench work capabilities include:

 Blending and polishing complex surfaces

 Deburring intricate parts

 Working under magnification

 Working with difficult materials

 Sand/Glass bead blasting

Our turning department is best suited for parts up to 3.00 inch in diameter and less than 7.00 inches in length.  We can accommodate large variety of parts from simple to complex.  


The recent addition of 6 axis lathe gives our turning department the ability to produce parts in single set up.  This machine also allows us to produce turned parts with milled features.  


In order to manufacture complete parts and assemblies we maintain extensive supplier base for all surface finishing needs.

6660 New Nashville Hwy Smyrna TN 37167 US


Our finishing and deburr department is well equipped and adept at finishing complex and intricate parts.  Deburr staff has excellent attention to detail and accuracy ensuring that parts conform to your specifications  throughout  the finishing process.

We are experienced with intricate and precise assembly work. We frequently fabricate tools requiring many components to be press fit, bonded, fastened, or welded together meticulously for the proper function of the product.


Turning capabilities include:

Precision turning with tolerances of +/- .0005 (OD and ID)


Deep Grooving

Face Grooving

Threading (internal and external)


Drilling / Reaming

Turning of complex geometries



Our milling department is capable of handling large variety of products.  Highly versatile milling equipment allows us to manufacture complex parts with high levels of precision.  

We can accommodate orders ranging in quantity from single piece to production runs. Extensive use of 4th axis capability allows us to remain competitive on smaller orders, and the use of complex fixtures reduces overall cost of high production orders, while increasing output.     

Our processing suppliers can accommodate following requirements:

Heat Treatment

Low Friction Chrome

Laser Marking

Aluminum Anodize


Titanium Anodize


Silk Screening

We are capable of machining following materials:


Tool Steels

Stainless Steels



Cobalt Chrome